Ecos Engineering and Constructions Solutions SpA
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E.CO.S. S.p.A.

E.CO.S. S.p.A. is the controlling, and sometime partner, company of a number of companies, operating in separate business sectors and markets, which are, at the same time, complementary.
The vastness of international markets favored a process of segmentation based on activities and geographic areas, each of them being characterized by its own specificities, types of expertise and dedicated work teams.
As a consequence, ECOS proposed itself on the Domestic and International markets as a strategic partner thanks to its offer diversification, its higher competitiveness and its deep attention to Clients' concrete needs.
Therefore, on one hand ECOS aimed at strengthening the core business of its controlled company SMS Operations, i.e. the quality industrial and multi-specialist sector. On the other, it also focused on diversifying its target markets by penetrating in other sectors through adequate and carefully weighed investments, creating the right conditions to open to new markets and fields of interest.

ECOS, through its controlled and/or participated and partner companies, proposes itself as General Contractor in the following sectors:

Erection and Maintenance

Together with SMS Operations it operates in oil, petrochemical and chemical industry and in mechanical, electrical and instrumental activities, which have represented its core business for 30 years.
Through the participated company ETPPM and a few partnerships with local companies, it intends to expand its work also in the North African area, as EPC Contractor.

Energy and Environment

Thanks to its expertise in the core business and with the objective of finding alternative and eco-compatible solutions, ECOS Group developed a division and a series of strategic partnerships aiming at acquiring, realizing and later maintaining renewable resources power plants, using the following resources:
Photovoltaic, Eolian, Biogas and Biomass plants.
ECOS proposes itself as EPC Contractor for the activities of Energy and Environment in the South American market through its controlled Uruguayan company KEDAMOTIL.

An example of flexibility and ability to adapt to changes is SANIECOS, the newborn company, who, as exclusive licensee of sanystar system patent, is ambitiously aiming at using ozone for the sanitation of the environment of large residential and industrial complexes.